WOW! They really HATE you!

I had a privilege to sit down to have a drink at a coffee shop with Marian last week.  We were talking about lots of stuff and one of the topic was about business people from the same industry.  Marian presented her work to one of her prospect to get a deal sealed.  Before she had gotten the deal, her prospect was being presented by another company in the same industry.  During the meeting between the prospect and the person in charge of that company, he found out that Marian was seeing this prospect as well.  He labeled Marian as their “competitor”, said nasty stuff about Marian’s work and try to tarnish Marian’s work just to get the deal closed.  However, this prospect ended up giving the deal to Marian, but he told Marian, “WOW!  They really HATE you!  But you WON, the deal is yours!”.  Marian was shocked when she heard those words that came out from the prospect’s mouth, not the deal part but the HATE part.  This prospect was probably feeling really bad after seeing Marian’s facial expression.  He apologized to Marian, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know that hurt so much”.  Marian told him that she wasn’t hurt, but shocked!  Marian is a very nice sporting grandma and honestly, it is very unlikely for someone to hate her.  Well, haters exist no matter what.  Nevertheless, Marian took it calmly and did not let that hate stuff affect her in anyway.

In this world, people love and hate.  No matter what, some people love us or hate us for reasons of their own, or maybe without any single real solid reason at all.  I remember few years back, many just hated Justin Bierber.  Personally, I was kinda being affected too.  Most of my friends, especially guys, hated Justin Bieber.  One day, I asked myself, “Why do I hate him? Do I really know him?”.  I realized that I did not have any valid reason at all.  I asked one of my friend the same question, “Why did you hate Justine Bieber so much?”.  Guess what he answered me?  “Well, everybody hates him on the internet!”  From that moment onwards, I stopped hating Justin Bieber.  I didn’t grow to like him either.  My point is, people could hate for any reason.  It could be your guts, you are doing better than them, their friends hate you and they followed, your look, your style, your choice of colors, whatever.  In the end, so what?  No matter how good we are, someone or some people out there will hate us.  The bad news is, you and I can do nothing about it.  The good news is, there so many people out there that like us, love us and care for us.

We cannot control how people look at us, but we can control how we look at ourselves.  If you are a business person or an entrepreneur, and hate is what you are dealing with right now, this article might be able to help you.  You don’t have to please everybody, neither can you.  So long you are truthful, genuine, authentic, loving, caring and doing the right thing, that is all that matters.  Haters will continue to hate and lovers will continue to love.  Don’t let those that hates you stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.  Marian taught me a very good lesson in her story.  Like any other human being, we are not perfect.  I hate some people as well especially fake people, and I am not perfect.  Just STOP trying to make everyone likes you because it is damn tiring and it is not going to happen.  It will be the same if you are trying to like everyone or anyone, which is ridiculous.

My final thoughts, be yourself, be your very best self.  As long as we continue doing the right thing and being truthful to ourselves, we will be doing just fine.  If you find this article helpful, do share this with those who you know that are struggling in this area of their lives.