Why Economy and Resources Sharing Doesn’t Work

As of late, I have been hearing many teachings and talking about Economy and Resources Sharing in the realm of business and entrepreneurship.  I believe this concept is not something new but rather existing concept being made known.  There are many reasons it is being made known now and I am guessing 2 primary reasons why – 1.  Gurus creating public courses to generate income.  2.  People trying to put into practice to grow their businesses.

I am not saying that these reasons are wrong.  As long as they are doing it with the right intentions and purposes, not to mislead people for the sake of making more money, I am fully supportive of these ideas.  I, myself am a practitioner of Economy and Resources Sharing.  This concept works for my team and we fully benefited from it.  However, many failed to apply this concept correctly to see long term lasting results.  Many attempted only to suffer the loss of effort, time and energy.  I failed many times before I came to a real understanding of how this concept actually works.  I will be sharing based on my experience and the experience of my team as well, why Economy and Resources Sharing didn’t work for many.

Lack of clear WHY

Many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have a clear WHY they are doing what they are doing except for the money and profit.  Needless to say, most don’t even know why they are going for the Economy and Resources Sharing concept.  This is a sign of lack of vision or worse, there is none.  Without a clear WHY, any businesses or organizations that are money or profit driven, their sole purpose to practice Economy and Resources Sharing is to make more money.  In the short run, it may work but over time, it will definitely fail.  I have seen business owners that really practiced this concept with a clear vision and their businesses have grown tremendously.  They all shared the same goals and directions which made them solidly strong.  They know their WHY.

Failed to identify what resources that are needed

Sharing of resources just for the sake of growing the business may lead to wasting of resources.  When I first put this concept into practice, I failed horribly.  With many failures, I later learned that most of us were not clear of what kind of resources we really need.  Just because all our business friends come together to share resources, this doesn’t mean that it will work.  A good example would be if we all intended to build a house by using this concept, we must first identity what kind of resources we need in order to get the house built and who has them.  Imagine everyone agreed and like this idea but all bring nails and tools without any of us bringing woods, roofs, drawings and other important resources.  There is no way the house can be built in a million years.

Hidden agendas

One of the worst kind of people to work with are those with hidden agendas.  On the surface, they preached one thing, fiery vision and mission.  Behind the scene lies the hidden dark secrets and intentions that only he knows.  When someone we share our resources with has some hidden motives, there is never a real trust.  In my experience, this kind of partnership will always face imbalance contributions.  The one with the hidden agenda will always seek to take advantage on others in order to achieve his own goals.  If he is the leader of a group, you will see that every single decision he makes points towards something else, not the original vision and mission he initially preached.  He will then suck all the resources for his own benefits and this defeat the original concept of resources sharing.  Those who have hidden agendas only have one thing in mind, that is to make use of others to achieve their own goals.

Too many hunters

Unlike those with hidden agendas, hunters are here to hunt openly.  Hunters are usually not the giving type.  Even if they do give, they are very likely to give some left over just to show that they are doing their part.  When you have too many hunters in your group and only few are givers, this is no longer called sharing.  More like vampires sucking blood from innocent humans.  Eventually those who are giving will run dry, got frustrated, then leaving the group and the project failed.  Unless everyone gathers together and start by giving their resources to each other first, the Economy and Resources Sharing idea will not be materialized.  Unfortunately, real givers are hard to get.  They don’t hunt and they are those who can make full use of this concept to achieve great results in the long run.

Seeking quick results

There are gurus out there teaching business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow their business BIG and FAST using this concept.  As most people got excited over the idea of growing big and fast to make more money, they jumped right in into this concept without any real information or wisdom gathering.  Business owners simply gather together, form aliases in hope to grow their businesses really quick and to cash out fast.  Some even formed new companies and started new projects only to end with failures.  There were so many know how they needed to know but most of them were rushing to produce quick results.  Details were usually skipped, too little facts finding being done, no data being analysed and almost everything were carried out based on sheer assumptions.

In conclusion, the Economy and Resources Sharing concept will only work when everyone that is involved knows WHY they are doing what they are doing by having crystal clear vision and mission, learn to identify the exact resources that are needed, avoid those who have hidden agendas or hunters and last but not least, be patient to seek to achieve long term sustainable results.