Wasted New Year Resolutions – Did you achieve what you planned last year?

Every single new year, we come out with our resolutions list (not sure people still practice this or not), either written, announcing verbally or perhaps being whispered within ourselves.  The listed resolutions could be losing weight, quit doing a certain thing, try something new and the list goes on.   Years after years passed and how many of us really look back at all the resolutions list we created up till this far.  How many of them are actually what we really wanted to achieve, or they are just some random wishes.

I felt like I just celebrated new year not too long ago, and now I am writing this blog which will be dated 1st January 2018.  As I looked back at 2017, I realized that many things happened and didn’t happen.  There are goals I set which I achieved and some never materialize.  Overall, 2017 has been an awesome year for me, a year I was challenged once more to be better than who I used to be, to take up the courage to start something extra ordinary and new, and of course to live a role as a father to my newly born baby boy.  I felt like I have accomplished so much in 2017 even though business was a lot slower in 2017 compared to 2016.  All that I have accomplished in 2017 is far more valuable than anything money could buy.  Honestly, I feel so fulfilled and thankful.

What about you?  What have you accomplished in 2017?  We all use these two words freely, “time flies”, and indeed it is very true.  The older we get, the more we feel it.  But in the midst of living our lives through the speed of time, how many of us really put “the best effort” we have got to make things happen, so that when we look back, we could say it out proudly, “Damn!  I did it!”.  Or are we going to treat every single new year the same year, doing the same thing, wishing only and not taking action but wanting-hoping for extra ordinary results?  Are you clear at what you really want to achieve?  Someone said to me, “Clarity is Power” and I definitely agree with him.  Without clarity is like waiting for something to happen “miraculously” or “accidentally”.  Unfortunately, things just don’t happen that way.  Once you have clarity, you can decide to TAKE ACTIONS.

You can have all the clarity about what you really want to achieve but if you do not decide to put it into action, nothing will happen.  Another year will pass you by and you are probably still doing the same thing, at the same place, not accomplishing anything at all – time wasted.  We all only get to live once in this life time, no one is exceptional.  There is only ONE 2017, and 2018 is the same.  Take Actions, my friends!  If you have not accomplished what you really wanted last year, this year is the time that you MUST take actions!  No more lame excuses!  Don’t let another year passes you by but MARK YOUR HISTORY in every single year!  So that when you start another new year, you can hold your chest up high and say to yourself, “Gosh!  Last year was awesome and I did my part!”.

Happy New Year 2018 and let’s make 2018 another awesome year!