TIME!  Is the MOST important Investment in any business!

Money is of course one of “the” important element in a business but in my opinion, TIME is far more important.  I remembered when I was fired by my boss because of some conflict within the company, I had nothing else, but.. time.  I was about to give up on the field of work that I was deeply in love with, until someone came to me and offered me an opportunity.  Let’s call her Miss P.  Now, Miss P said to me that she can support me in setting up a business because she saw the potential in me.  I told her that I got not much money.  She asked me if I have enough money to register a company or not, and I said yes.  You only need RM75 to setup a company 19 years ago.  So, following her advice, I registered my own company and went back to her for further assistance.  She did not lend me any money, all she did was supplying the goods when I have confirmed sales and I was asked to pay her back once I collected the money from my customer.  It was all cash term.  I did not have much money but what I did was, every single day I will get out of my house, meet people, talk about the products and services I have to offer, get recommendations, get to know more people and etc.  I spent time learning how to prepare quotations, issue invoices, learning about my own products & services and most of all I spent lots of time meeting people to talk about my products & services.

Back in 19 years ago, there was no such thing as Google or social medias.  I spent a lot of my time in trials and errors, facts finding, looking for customers and make money offline.  Imagine, if I did not invest my time to do all those, what would have happened?  Would I be where I am today?  Of course, no!  Many businesses, regardless full time or part time, they all failed because of not spending enough time on them.  I have seen many people got in and out of businesses and still not making any progress because they failed to understand how important it is to spend time on the business.  Money is never an issue.  I have seen many people invested tons of money on businesses and ended failed because they did not spend their time on the business.  I have also seen people who succeeded in business because of the amount of time they invested into their businesses.  Effort of course is one of the important element but let’s not talk about it now.

In the world of network marketing, MLMs or even insurance, majority of the agents failed to achieve what they wanted because they spent too little time on the business.  Doing a business is like building a meaningful relationship.  In order for a relationship to flourish and go beyond the original level, both must spend lots of time together.  If your boyfriend or girlfriend to be, spend just so little time with you most of the time, do you think you will date this person of be with this person for long term?  High chance is NO!  Why would you!  Right?  You barely know the person.  Same goes for business, if you want to see outstanding results in your business, invest your TIME, not just money.  When opportunity knocks at your door, realize that you need to invest not just your money, but a lot of your Precious Time.

Originally written on 8th August 2017