The Greatest Resources we all need in order to be successful

Many people feel that the most important resources in order to be successful are Money, Network, Connections, Information, and many more – which all these are very important but there are 2 resources that are FAR MORE crucial than all those.  They are “Being Alive” and having a “Good Health“.

More than 10 years ago, I almost lost my life as I was very sick.  I was not able to get out from bed, what more to say to pursue my dreams.  At that point of time, I asked myself, “What use will it be even if I have all the wealth but I will need to spend all of them to gain back my health, or even potentially die tomorrow?”.  I realized that, no matter how big my dreams are, how strong my will is and all the opportunities are out there waiting for me – IF I am sick or dead, everything else become irrelevant.  2 days ago, I received a sad news from a friend of mine, another friend we knew just passed away.  He was a successful businessman, at his middle age.  Financially he is above OK, business is good but the only problem was his health.  He was advised by many to start to take care of his health but for whatever reason, he just didn’t seemed to care.  Thus, he left us 2 days ago.

As much as we want to be successful in whatever we are doing right now, do be reminded that without a healthy body, we will not be able to really achieve our goals and make our dreams come true.  Being ALIVE and HEALTHY is the greatest resources in order to obtain other resources.  We are given this LIFE and BODY and it is our DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to take good care of them IF we ever want to be successful and enjoy the fruits of our successes.  I know most of the time we will feel inadequate or lacking of resources, but think about this…  IF we are not healthy neither alive, how are we supposed to make more money, network with others, care for our loved ones, living in that nice beautiful dream house, driving that dream car, seeing the world, and many more.  I am sure you heard of this saying before, “People sacrificed their health to gain money and later sacrificed their money to gain back health”.  However, no matter how, there is nothing we can do to get back a lost life.

So, whenever you feel that you LACK of resources to be successful and to pursue your dreams, if you are reading this right now, BE THANKFUL and KNOW!  You are already being given the GREATEST RESOURCES of all time – that is “Being Alive” and a having a “Healthy Body“.  Without these 2 resources, nothing else matters.  Do yourself a huge favor by taking good care of your health to stay alive, just like how you take care of your money so that you don’t lose them.  If one lost his money, he can still earn them back but if one lost his life, that is THE END!