That B.S. I keep hearing

There are 2 B.S. (Belief System – I know what you are thinking) that I keep hearing everywhere and they are not getting anywhere.  Ironically, these 2 B.S. can be handled but somehow, not everyone is willing to do something about it.  THE 2 B.S. are:

B.S. #1  I cannot find a Job! (For job seekers)

There are plenty of business owners and companies that are advertising on newspapers, social media, jobstreet or jobstocks, many more.. you name them – VACANCIES!  Still, a lot of young graduates are jobless!  I have personally interviewed many candidates when I was hiring and guess what, I managed to hire 6.  There were many candidates and why only these 6 got the job?  Let me share with you why I hired these 6.

  • They are hungry for a job, not just the pay
  • They are willing to learn and to gain experience so that they can add more value into themselves
  • They don’t use their certification as a bargaining tool.
  • They have good attitude and personality – character
  • They understand that they cannot request for unrealistic salary because they just started venturing into the career world
  • They are sincere, not lazy and teachable

If you are serious enough to get a job, I strongly suggest that you consider the points above.  There is no way that you get can get a job that pays you luxurious amount of money when you are inexperienced, poor attitude, not willing to learn or unteachable – not in a million years.  You have to start somewhere.  Get real!  I wrote a blog on How not to be Jobless.  Go check it out.


B.S. #2  It is so hard to hire people! (For those who are hiring)

Hmmm, so many jobless graduates, yet hard to hire.  I believe there are companies or business owners that are being unrealistic.  Do you seriously think that it is possible to hire experienced people with lower price?  Or only experienced people can really get the job done?  Or those that have certificates are worth hiring?  Personally, I don’t think so.  Well, at least my experiences didn’t tell me so.  There are plenty of talented young graduates out there, jobless… and just because they do not speak a certain language, or they are just some “young ciku”, they are not given any chance at all?  I mean.. c’mon larh…  We are who we are today because, somebody gave us a chance some time in the past, right?  Don’t you think that these younger generation at lease being given a chance from you or your company?  I get it, it is hard when you trained somebody with your blood and sweat, that somebody ended up resigned or even leave before the probation period ended.  To me, this is just the way it is.  As business owners or Human Resources Managers, are we not fully aware and understand by now that, this is completely normal?  What do you really expect?  For Mr. Right or Ms. Right to walk in to your door, beg you to hire them, help your company to perform and make a lot of profit for you, and stay with your company forever and ever?  That’s a fantasy.  Give these youngsters a chance to learn.  The 6 we hired, we wanted to give them a chance to learn and to be someone, knowing that they might not be with us for long.  What would it be like if your company is a company that produces legends and future leaders?  Can we make our companies a place whereby young graduates would love to at least work with once in their life time?


To those who are serious enough to get a job, you need to change the way you think and manage your expectation.  Nothing is easy in this realistic world.  You’ve got to be out there searching and keep searching for job, not sitting at home waiting for job to find you (pst… that will never happen).  You just don’t deserve anything, you need to earn everything.  Be teachable, have a good character and be sincere.  I am sure you will get your dream job when the time comes.

To those who are hiring, please give these younger generation a chance to build themselves.  I am not saying we should hire everyone that comes knocking at our doors but there are still many talented ones out there, searching for chances.  Some of them are gems that need to be polished.  If you are worrying about them not staying long, perhaps you should ask why won’t they?  Give them a chance, mentor them, guide them, teach them and mold them to be a much better person.  For they are our future leaders and we can be their hope.