Hey! STOP Feeding Yourself!

With all the information available online and accessible virtually anywhere and anytime, so much to learn from yet still a lot of people not achieving what they wanted.  I, myself spent quite some amount of money & lots of time online to obtain all the information I needed in order to progress, but ended up slowing myself down.  At that certain point of time, I was STUCK!

Imagine you are really hungry now, and you bumped into an EAT ALL YOU CAN restaurant.  Best part is, it is FREE!  Obviously you will eat till you are full.  Now, whenever you are trying to leave, the waitresses will offer you new dishes, so delicious that you will not be able to resist, you sit down and continue eating.  Each time you try to leave, new food will come out and tempt you to stay.  Finally, you cannot eat anymore, you decide to leave and will come back again the next day.  What happened if you decide not to leave?  You will not be able to eat anymore anyway.   Your stomach will start to be so uncomfortable that if you still try to put some more food into your mouth, you will probably vomit.  Unfortunately, this will not happen when you are consuming information.  Unlike our stomach, our brain will not feel that it is already too full.  You just cannot tell and this is very dangerous.

I subscribed to quite a fair bit of online newsletters, free webinars, YouTube channels, Social Medias Channels, etc.  Everyday, emails from my subscriptions will rush into my inbox.  I used to make sure that I do not miss out any of them, I read them all to obtain as much information as I can.  I have been studying and learning non-stop by consuming all those information.  I didn’t realized that I was continuously feeding myself with all those information and I have not been doing much what I was supposed to do.  One fine day, I came to a realization that I have not been progressing and producing results at all.  I also noticed that whenever I am trying to take some actions, I became afraid and unsure.  Every time I felt that way, I will try to find some answers online instead of tapping into the information that I already have in my brain.  I became very dependent on most of my subscriptions.  I then realized that I was addicted to all the online information, which I name it now, “The Non-Stop Learning Syndrome”.

“The Non-Stop Learning Syndrome” can be very damaging as it can cause us to take action less.  Now, I am not putting the blame on anyone or anything.  What I am trying to say is, we need to balance ourselves up.  We just cannot keep consuming all those information online and not taking action at all.  Consuming too much information without taking actions will paralyze us.  I was lucky enough to realize this sooner than later.  After obtaining information, we need to put them to work!  That’s when we will progress and produce results.  Just like after taking in food into our body, we need to move our body and work our body.  Only then, the food we consumed will be converted into energy to be utilized by our body to keep us going.  Same goes with all the information we consumed, we need to use them, we need to convert them into actions.  If we keep consuming all those information without taking actions, we will end up as “Information Obsessed”.

Did I unsubscribe from all those information channels after that?  Nope, I did not but I did unsubscribed from those which I found not helping me to progress at all.  I have learned to balance myself up.  All the information I obtained are now being put into actions to produce more and better results.  I have progressed much more than before.  20 percent of the information that we consumed can give us 80 percent of the results we wanted, if we know how to make full use of those information.  I hope this sharing will make some sense to you and I sincerely hope that this sharing will help someone to progress and achieve better results.  If you are like me, a person who loves to learn, do take some time off from the information consuming.  Take an “Information-Diet” and take more actions.  If you find this post helpful, share it with someone so that they too, can progress and achieve better results.