My dad’s job used to be a truck driver and I was his “super glue” during my primary school holidays because I will follow him throughout my holidays.  Being surrounded by mostly adults those days, all their conversations got nothing to do with my toys, the cartoons I watched or even my school homework.  I now name them “The Slice of Life” conversations.  Yeap, nothing else except about everyday life, from money to job to their “mah jong” and their basketball matches.  I found them very interesting and yea..  I learnt a lot from them.  Although I didn’t really understood what they were talking about during those days, but they are sure useful to me as I was growing up.

One of their conversation was about “the young ones”.  I remembered some of the adults said that the young ones are hopeless, very different from how they used to be.  These kids have TV Games (Nitendo, SEGA, Micro Genius, etc), toys, watch too many cartoons, walkmans and many more.  My dad once told me how grandpa used to scold him and his brother for buying motorcycle and eventually upgraded to car at the later stage.  I am seeing a pattern here.  Do you?  My grandpa’s generation didn’t like how my dad’s generation was like, my dad’s generation didn’t like mine either.  Now our generation is doing the exact same thing to the new generation today which is being labeled as the “millennials”.  Honestly, I used to be a person that would criticize them as well.  I used to label them as “useless” or “hopeless” bunch of young kids, which was the exact same thing people during my grandpa’s and dad’s time did.  Until I watched what Simon Sinek talked about the Millennials (Video below this post).  I realized that I have not been doing anything to help these young ones, except blaming them and complaining about their doings.

I remembered the way most adults looked at me during my teenage and early 20s.  Most of them probably labeled me and my friends as “useless” or “hopeless” too.  I can’t read their minds but their facial expression didn’t seemed nice either.  However, there were several adults that mentored me and taught me many things.  Honestly, I didn’t understood what they really talking about those days, neither didn’t I know why are they doing that to me.  However, there is ONE thing I knew back then, I FELT CARED, LOVED and WANTED!  Those feelings gave me hope to move on, to continue to live, to continue to become better.  And here I am today, achieving goals in life and living a fulfilled life. I now know clearly what they were doing and why did they did what they did those days.  To those who are reading this article and mentored me in the past, you know who you are.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH for putting faith, hope, care and love in me.  I would have never come this far without you all.

About the millennials, please stop blaming them and start giving them helping hands.  We were all once younger and we all been through those growing pains as well.  This younger generation is the same, they are human like us, just in different time.  They didn’t choose to be born to this time whereby Social Medias, Internet, IPads or Smartphones exist.  They did not choose to be the way they are now.  I didn’t choose to be born during the time where by television was invented.  Today, i keep seeing parents hand over IPads or Smartphones to their young kids at coffee shop, or at home, so that they don’t make too much noise or disturb the adults.  And when these kids grow up, those devices become part of their lives, and we as older generation blame them for being too attach to the devices?  Is this fair to them?  So, stop blaming them!  They need help!  It is our duty as an adult to assist them to be more aware of what they are doing, and guide them towards the brighter future.  Will all of them become successful just because we help them?  NO!  Neither did everyone from our previous generations ended up successful.  But in every generation, there are many who became successful.  Successful does not necessarily mean being rich financially.  At least, we do out best to lead them to a level where they are more aware of their own doings, just like how we were being helped when we were younger.

My final thoughts, fundamentals never change but the methods need upgrading.  The fundamental of love, care, help and support always remain the same, just that we need to change our approach.  Let’s find ways to communicate with the millennials.  Let’s be their listeners, supporters and mentors.  They are our future leaders, just like we were our previous generation’s future leaders.  Pls spend some time to watch the video below.  And yea… do like our Facebook Page and SHARE this article to create better understanding and awareness about The Millennials.