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You don't need to stay where you are and suffer!

Private Coaching Works for Businesses And Entrepreneurs

The Power of Private Coaching

Most of the time, all we need is a better clarity to get unstuck.  The sooner we get unstuck, the faster we can achieve our goals!

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One on One

Just you and the coach, focus on helping you to have breakthroughs!

100% OFF

The fees are 100% on us during the 1st consultation session. Absolutely FREE!

No Commitment

You don't have to commit when you are not ready after the FREE consultation session!

Most people don’t realize they’ve been stuck for way too long.
This Private Coaching helps you get unstuck and start moving again​.

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How will you benefit from private coaching

Here’s how it works:  You will have the step-by-step guidance, support and actionable steps to effectively transform your business.  This private coaching will help you identify exactly which area of your business that needs tweaking so that you can take your business to much greater heights.

Unlike workshops or training that require 3 to 5 days, you just need to invest minimum of 1 hour of your precious time for a session.  That’s it!  This 1 hour can help you gain much better clarity.  You will know exactly what to do after every sessions, leaving the sessions with clear answers and taking massive actions towards your goals!

The Most Commonly Asked Questions

In these private coaching sessions, we will help you evaluate your situations and provide relevant content to make sure we help you solve your problems.  We understand that time is money and there is no point wasting your precious time.  We teach and coach you methods that you can remember even after you leave the session.  All methods used are down to earth, simple and executable.

It all depends on your needs and most importantly your desired outcome.  We have packages ranging from 1 session to 24 sessions.  Claim the first trial session for only RM180 and give it a try.  Some of our clients got their answers during this trial session.  

How much is lack of real clarity costing you?  How many potential business growth that you have missed?  How many business opportunities passed you by?  How many unnecessary mistakes you could have avoided?  A lack of better clarity may already be costing you a great deal.


Your Private Coach

Winston Chang has been in business over 23 years and his experience will be able to help you to know yourself better and bring your business to the next higher levels in a shorter period of time.  He will share with you all his successes, failures and down to earth methods to help you to move forward faster.

Private Coaching

What’s My Investment?

*Registration fee does not include food or hotel accommodations

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Private Coaching

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Private Coaching

5 Sessions


Private Coaching

10 Sessions


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