Potential & Performance Loop

“That boy or girl got potential!”  Does this sentence look familiar to you?  I am sure we all kind of heard someone said this before, or maybe someone said to us that we have potential.  We all as human being are built-in with potentials, believe it or not.  But the fact that we are all  born with potentials, does it mean that all of us will be successful in all that we do?  Of course not!  In my humble opinion, having potentials simply means that we all have the abilities but to materialize our potentials, performance is critical.  I call it Potential & Performance Loop.   Potential and Performance always go hand in hand.  When we can perform, we will very likely to reach our potential.  When we reached our potential, we will then again, can perform to reach higher potential.  This loop or cycle will go on and on for us to be successful.  Imagine if you take away Potential, what will happen?  Performance will mean nothing, because there is nothing to look forward to.  On the other hand, if we take away Performance, Potential will never be materialized, just like a unmaterialized dream.

Let me share you a story.  Ken is a fast learner, he can get things done very quickly and he has the potential to become successful.  Problem is, Ken does not perform well.  Whenever a task is passed to him, he can never complete the task on time unless he is being closely monitored.  Whenever no one keep an eye on him, the task will remain there unfinished until the task is taken away from him to be given to someone else (he only found out after the task is completed by others) .  Ken gets excited very easily and quickly in the beginning in almost anything, but the excitement never last more than 2 weeks.  Years after years gone by and Ken is still the same.  He changed many jobs and tried doing his own business but failed horribly.  He cannot perform!  One day, Ken’s friend introduced him to a coach.  After being coached for sometime, Ken overcame his issues and he is more consistent, competent and he is able to perform way much better then before.  He got offers from many big companies and he is now the CEO of a successful company.

Both Potential and Performance can be boosted and improved so that we can reach greater heights and successes.  You can read “5 THINGS YOU CAN DO IMMEDIATELY TO BOOST YOUR POTENTIAL AND PERFORMANCE“.

We all have potential but it takes courage to perform to be successful.  One of the most effective way to be able to perform well to reach towards your potentials, is Results Coaching.  Just like Usain Bolt, Datuk Lee Chong Wei, or any celebrities or entertainers, they are at the top of their games because the all have a Coach!  It’s time to get yours too!