How not to make mistakes in life?

Can we ever do that?  I don’t think so, not in a million years.  Let’s face it, everyone made mistakes throughout a lifetime.  They are either small mistakes or big mistakes, and no one can avoid mistakes.  I believe that the most important thing is not the mistake itself, it’s the lesson we learned from the mistake we made.

I used to feel bad or embarrassed whenever I remembered some of the dumbest mistakes I’ve made in the past such as words spoken, reactions or even actions taken.  But lately, I feel enlightened by those mistakes.  Without those mistakes, I probably would not be the person I am today.

Mistakes are there to shape us, to help us to know who we really are and what we are capable of.  Remember those days during primary school whereby we were asked to do corrections for all the spelling mistakes we made during the spelling test?  Imagine, our teachers never pointed out our mistakes, never asked us to do corrections, what would have happened to us by now?  Mistakes exist for us to do corrections, corrections lead to improvement, improvement produces progress and progress equal to happiness.

Mistakes are also there to help us to differentiate between the rights and the wrongs.  How else can we recognize the rights from the wrongs if mistakes never existed at the first place?  They also helped us to be more careful, cautious, alert or ever smarter.  Mistakes also help us to avoid more mistakes, right?  There are also mistakes that led to opportunities.  I have a friend that MISTAKENLY called a wrong number, ended up marrying that lady.  I bet you’d wish for that kind of mistake to happen to you, right?  Not everyone is as lucky as him though.

We could learn from mistakes of others, yet we cannot avoid making one.  During the time of the mistakes, we will feel so bad, miserable, sad or even frustrated but it’s OK.  Decide to focus on the lesson that can be learned from the mistake instead of focusing on the mistake itself.  I have learned to embrace my mistakes rather than embarrassed by them.  When you decided to do that, you will feel that it is not that bad after all.  Does it mean that we should make more mistakes to learn more?  No!  I am just saying that we should not be afraid of making mistakes, of course not purposely or deliberately.

To those who are reading this right now, if you are feeling bad about the mistakes in your life, well.. don’t be.  They are part of our lives and serve as our guide lines.  Trust me, if you do that, you will laugh at them in the future.