Letter to a Good Friend

I wrote a letter to a good friend of mine, whom I felt had gone astray from what he used to believed in.  It kinda broke my heart seeing him going to a different direction.  For quite some time, I held back whatever I wanted to say to him, because he seemed far away and unwilling to listen to anything anyone has to say to him.  That was until last weekend, he broke down in tears after we finished the event of the night.  He felt that he has not done good enough, which I later told him that’s not true.  Knowing him, he is always striving to give the best he can and could but sadly, to impress others rather than inspire.

Here’s my letter to him:

To my dearest friend,

I am writing this to you to say a few things.

Straight to the point, I want to say THANK YOU to you from the very bottom of my heart.  Indeed, you changed my life and the lives of many others as well.  Knowing that you are doing the best you can and could, I understand how you feel.  Words may not be able to describe how thankful I am to you for impacting my life, again THANK YOU.

Seeing you cried last night, I honestly feel once again… hopeful, because I still see the loving, caring and venerable good friend.  I always believed that you did the very best you can in what you strongly believe in.  However, I am seeing you trying too hard to IMPRESS others, rather than INSPIRE others.

These are my strong advice for you as a friend & brother:

Stop doing things to impress others because it is ENDLESS and you will not be fulfilled.  No matter how much you impress others, they will not remember you for life, they will only look forward to another impression from you, like a show…so what’s next?  Are you not sick and tired of this shit?

Do things that INSPIRE others like how you used to.  People whom you inspired, will not just remember you, but thankful and grateful to you forever.  When people you inspired become successful, you will feel fulfilled.

Stop being so stuck up and stubborn.  You don’t have to be right all the time.  You can always shift your directions.  Every mistakes we made in life meant to help us to do better.  Others can be right as well and you need to empower others to empower yourself.  There are still many who believe in you and support you but you need to let them know they are needed too.  I am sure you know this saying, if you want to go fast, go alone.  But if you want to go far, go as a team.  I know you always wanted to feel to be “needed” and “wanted”.  Others felt the same as well.  We are all human.

We are all entrepreneurs and we all strive to do better, challenge ourselves to be the best of best.  Not to compete or compare with others but to outdo ourselves.  These 2 questions are the questions that you probably need to constantly ask yourself –
a.  What does the market want right now that you can provide to solve their problem.
b.  What do your followers really want?  What will shift their lives and bring their business to the next level?  Sometimes, not everything is about money.

I feel that the time has come, it is calling you to upgrade yourself to another level.  Fundamentals never change, but the methods need upgrading.  It’s time to CHANGE, my friend.  You are more capable than who you think you are.  Do not be benchmarked by your successes.  You are a leader, but you can be a much more powerful leader.  Right now, are you the kind of leader you think you will follow?  BE THE LEADER YOU WANT TO FOLLOW.


With Love, from your friend and brother,
Winston Chang

Why do I share this letter here?  I don’t know who is reading this, when or how.  But one thing I do know, that this letter somehow, at a certain time, can serve as an inspiration to those who probably facing the same thing that my good friend and I did.  Perhaps this letter can spark something in you or your close friends.  Share this to your friends, maybe this will inspire them as well in some ways.