Is Your Business or Organization “Faceless”?

“In today’s world, any business or organization without a website is like a person without a face. “

In today’s business world, you can operate your business without an office and it is fully understandable and acceptable.  But, without a Business Website, your image and first impression could be down the drain almost immediately.  I am not talking about E Commerce website here.  Not every business needs E Commerce.  Imagine when you introduced your business to someone for the very first time, who might be interested to deal with you later, what would this prospect do?  In the past, people will most likely pay your office a visit to get to know you and your business a bit more before they decide to give you a chance.  However, as busy as most of the business people are today, they probably will not pay you a physical visit yet.  They will pay you a Virtual visit – which is your Business Website.


A Business Website puts you and your business on a higher position.

Let’s say a business person gives you his business name card to introduce his business to you.  At the front of the name card stated his name, position, phone number and email address.  At the back of the name card, you see a statement, Like us on Facebookwith the Facebook link or ID.  By the way, the email address at the front is free emails like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.  Now, another person comes along and did the same by giving you his business name card.  At the front of the name card stated his name, position, phone number and email address as well, except the email address is the business’s own domain (i.e.  At the back of the card stated, “Visit our website at”, with “Like us on Facebook” with the Facebook link or ID.  Which of these would impress you more and gives you higher confidence?  If you don’t own a business website, you will say the first person.  If you are being logical and realistic, you will choose the second person.


You see, a Business Website is like a Virtual Office.

Your prospects may not be able to get a lot of information from you and they may not have much time to listen to your business pitch.  But if you have a business website, when your prospects really want to get to know what your business is all about, they will browse through your business website first.  Perhaps they will do it during their free time.  You and I never know.  If your business website impressed them and engaged them, these prospects very likely will do the followings:

  1. They will remember your existence and will probably engage you when the right time comes
  2. They will share it to their circle of connections when needed
  3. They will call you to really get to know you and your business better in order to proceed with some deals.

A business website today helps you to gain and build Existence, Confidence, Market Positioning and many more.  Without a business website, you do not stand any chance at all.  Why am I writing this?  My honest 2 reasons:

  1. To create an awareness because we are moving towards the Digital Economy, people will look for us in Online. Like it or not, this is the current trend.
  2. We develop SUPER AFFORDABLE ENGAGING Business Websites. We want you to notice our existence, remember us, have confidence in us, and putting us on the higher market position.  Visit us  at

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