In The Name of Jack Ma

Jack Ma has been damn famous among Malaysian as of late after his appearance in Malaysia this year.  With his inspiring videos circulated and shared in social media platforms, many has been influenced or even impacted.

However, I also realized that his speeches and inspirations can be easily misinterpreted, if the audiences are not aware of themselves (self-awareness).  What do I mean by that?  Let me share some examples.

There is no need to be smart or clever, when people like Jack Ma that barely knew anything, can be successful. 

Just because we aren’t good, doesn’t necessarily mean that we can use Jack Ma’s story to comfort ourselves and use this as an excuse to stay in our own comfort zones.  Sometimes I see posts in social medias using some of Jack Ma’s inspiration as a comfort to their own shortfalls, not as something to move them forward.  Although Jack Ma did not know much as he claimed, but he did not stayed that way forever.  He used other ways to compensate his shortfalls.  Now, that is smart and clever, I would say.  If we do not know much in the beginning, it is our own responsibility to know more as we progress.  Personally, I have yet to meet someone that barely knows anything, stays that way forever and then out of sudden, become successful.  I think that only happens in the world of fantasy.

Big dreams and goals can be achieved as long as you don’t give up, because Jack Ma did it! 

I am a big fan of “not giving up” but, if we are doing nothing to move our dreams a step forward, no matter how wishful is that not giving up thinking, we are still not going to achieve anything.  Taking Actions is the Key!  ?  It is only in taking actions, not giving up is relevant and applicable.  Now, I am not saying Jack Ma is wrong, in fact I am very inspired by him to do what I am doing now.  However, what I am saying is, people only see Jack Ma’s achievements but failed to learn from the lesson why he is so successful now.  What about those sufferings, rejections or humiliations he had gone through, and those patience, persistence or perseverance he practiced?  I believe that those are the drives that brought him to where he is today.  Despites of all those hardships, he did not give up but how many of us can really endure like Jack Ma did?

It’s easy doing business online & profit, because Jack Ma did it!

Even business doers start selling ideas and dreams in the name of Jack Ma as well.  There are courses everywhere promoting online businesses, e-commerce and social medias marketing.  Nothing wrong with that but, making it sounded so simple and easy is just a marketing gimmick.  I do suggest that you should avoid those who promises you instant successes without needing to do much or you can be successful real quick.  Truthfully, to build and create a solid foundation in any business, it takes time and great amount of effort.  Oh by the way, there is NO SHORTCUTS!  It just happened that SHORTCUTS stuff are so much more sellable compared to great amount of hard works, effort and time stuff.  You can learn to compress your time but still it takes time, no “instant noodle” here.

My humble opinion

To really understand what Jack Ma is all about, we need to know & be aware of ourselves first.   Are we really doing our part in order to be successful?  Are we hardworking enough?  Are we a person with great patience, persistence, perseverance, are we really putting great amount of effort in what we are doing or, are we just doing just enough to get by?  There is no point claiming that “I can be successful, because Jack Ma did it, so can I” thing if fundamentally, we are not doing our part.  There are no easy successes.  If anything comes easily, it will go even easier.  They just don’t last.  If you are a fan of Jack Ma, perhaps you should check out this, “How Jack Ma Overcame His 7 Biggest Failures”.  Get a better understanding about Jack Ma’s life and his journey.  Study how he become who he is today.  Do a self-reflection exercise, and from there, you will find your path to success as well.  Perhaps the next name that inspire others are not just Jack Ma’s, but YOURS!

Written by:
Winston Chang
CopyRight © Winston Chang 2017