Count your Blessings! – HOW?

I am sure most of us read this statement or heard it before.  So, how do we count our blessings?  In life, we went through, going through and will go through good times and tough times.  Did you realize that most of the time, we tend to focus on the tough times and not really remembering those good ones?  Tony Robbins mentioned, we feel what we focused on.  That is so true.  When we focus too much on the tough times, we will be bogged down by them and thus, preventing us from progressing in life.

It is vital and crucial that we need to STOP for a while, and start counting our blessings.  Look back at all the good times you had, those successes and achievements.  Brandon Burchard said, integrate them into YOU!  Many of us hardly or even never appreciate those good times or achievements in lives.  Perhaps we felt those are insignificant or even too small to be proud of.  But you know what?  YOU DID IT!  Yes, those achievements regardless how small or insignificant you think they were, YOU WERE THE ONE THAT DID IT!  Not someone else!  So, feel proud and integrate those little successes into you.  As little as they may be, when you add them up, they can be quite a lot!

Those are the blessings that you MUST count.  So, remember this.  Whenever you feel down because of the tough times you are going through, start counting your blessings and integrate them into you.  Tap your own shoulder and say to yourself, “Good Job!  I DID IT!”  And remember, you did it before, and you can do it again!

Originally written on 21st August 2017